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ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus

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Upgrade your travel CPAP experience with the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus – the ultimate solution for adding moisture to your sleep therapy in dry or high-altitude environments. If you're familiar with the discomfort of dryness in the mouth or nasal passages while using the AirMini travel CPAP machine, the HumidX Plus is tailored to enhance your sleep therapy.

Why Opt for the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus:

  1. Effortless Moisture Addition: Crafted for dry or high-altitude environments, the HumidX Plus effortlessly increases moisture in the air during sleep therapy. Enjoy the comfort of well-humidified air without the hassle of managing water levels – a perfect companion for your travels.

  2. Advanced Moisturizing Capability: Going beyond the standard version, the HumidX Plus provides additional moisture to the air. Its disposable cartridge, placed between the AirMini machine and the mask, ensures a more effective and comfortable sleep therapy experience.

  3. Simple Operation: Using the HumidX Plus is a breeze – insert it into the hose and connect the mask. Let the HumidX capture heat and moisture from your breath, releasing it into the air you breathe. It's a straightforward yet effective solution for combating dryness during sleep therapy.

Key Features of the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus:

  • Hassle-Free Waterless Design: Revel in the convenience of a waterless solution, perfect for seamless travel. Bid farewell to concerns about water levels – the HumidX Plus takes care of moisture without any extra steps.

  • Tailored for Low-Humidity Environments: Specifically designed for low-humidity settings, the HumidX Plus is your trusted solution for preventing dry mouth and nasal passages, reducing snoring, and enhancing overall sleep comfort.

  • Easy Disposable Cartridge Replacement: The disposable cartridge is a cinch to replace, ensuring a continual supply of moisture. Lightweight and portable, it's a travel-friendly solution for consistent sleep therapy comfort.

Important Notes:

  • Not Compatible with the AirMini F20 Mask: The HumidX Plus is exclusively designed for use with other masks and should not be used with the AirMini F20 mask.

  • Avoid Heated Hoses: For optimal performance, refrain from using the HumidX Plus with heated hoses.

  • Regular Replacement Recommended: Maintain effectiveness by replacing the cartridge every 30 days or sooner if dirty or damaged.

Choose the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus and redefine your sleep therapy experience – where convenience meets superior comfort, even in challenging environments. Secure yours today for a journey of revitalizing sleep.

ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus
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