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Breas Z2 Standard Travel CPAP Machine

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Introducing the Breas Z2 Portable CPAP Machine—a game-changing solution designed to enhance your sleep therapy, offering unparalleled comfort whether you're at home or on the go. Here's why the Z2 is the perfect choice for your sleep needs:

  1. Advanced Model for Everyday and Travel: Experience the brilliance of an ultra-light and advanced CPAP machine, weighing only 10.4 ounces. Perfect for everyday use and your travel companion, effortlessly fitting into your carry-on suitcase or travel bag.

  2. Z-Breathe Pressure Relief: Enjoy a natural breathing rhythm with Z-Breathe technology. Tailor your therapy with three settings, reducing spikes during exhalation and dropping pressure during inhalation for a comfortable and personalized sleep experience.

  3. Whisper Quiet Design: Say goodbye to noisy nights with the Z2's quiet motor—among the quietest APAPs available, producing just 26 dBA on average. Embrace peaceful sleep for both you and your sleep partner.

  4. Auto Start and Stop Option: Simplify your sleep routine with the Z2's Auto Start/Stop feature. Just place your CPAP mask on, and therapy begins when it senses your breathing. Effortless and user-friendly, it stops within seconds upon mask removal or detecting a large leak.

  5. Travel-Ready Altitude Adjustment: Ready for adventure? The Z2 automatically adjusts to altitudes up to 8,000 feet above sea level, FAA compliant for airplane use. Travel globally with ease—the Z2 Auto converts voltage automatically (consider a plug adapter outside of North America).

  6. PowerShell Integrated Battery (Optional): For nights away from fixed power, the optional PowerShell with Extended Life Battery Pack offers an integrated solution. With one battery lasting 1-2 nights, enjoy hassle-free recharging using the Z2's standard power supply. Bid farewell to extra cords and have a backup power supply during outages.

  7. Auto Leak Compensation: Ensure continuous therapy pressure with the Z2 Auto's automatic compensation for minor mask leaks. A display warning prompts you to address any excessive air leaks promptly.

  8. Ramp for Comfort: Tailored for those who prefer lower pressure levels to drift into sleep, the Z2's ramp feature lets you start at a comfortable setting and gradually adjust to your sleep therapy.

  9. Intelligent LCD Display: Stay informed with the large, backlit LCD display providing real-time updates on pressure settings, ramp time, power status, and more. The auto-off function ensures an undisturbed night's sleep.

  10. Humidification Options: Enhance your therapy with the inline HME Waterless Humidification Filter—a compact alternative to traditional humidifiers. Capturing heat and moisture from exhales, it prevents airways from drying out during therapy.

  11. Nitelog App for Sleep Progress Tracking: Effortlessly monitor your sleep therapy progress with the Nitelog App. Sync data wirelessly from the Z2 Auto and share it with your doctor via email for peace of mind and seamless tracking wherever life takes you.

  12. Compatible with Any CPAP Mask: The Z2 comes with a Universal Tube Adapter and a 48' slim tube, working seamlessly with any mask on the market. Choose your favorite for maximum comfort.

Breas Z2 Portable CPAP Machine Specs:

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 6.48" x 3.30" x 2.02"
  • Actual Weight: 10.4 oz. (.65 lbs)
  • Noise Level: 26 dBA

Invest in your best sleep with the Breas Z2 Portable CPAP Machine—an innovative blend of comfort, convenience, and advanced sleep therapy technology designed to elevate your sleep experience, whether you're at home or embarking on new adventures.

Breas Z2 Standard Travel CPAP Machine
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