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Breas Z2 Heat Moisture Exchange

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Upgrade your CPAP experience with Breas Z2 Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Filters—a game-changing solution for enhanced humidification, tailored for your comfort. Say goodbye to the bulkiness of traditional water-based humidifiers as you step into a new realm of ease and convenience.

Why Choose Breas Z2 HME Filters:

  1. Compact and Travel-Friendly: Tired of cumbersome humidifiers? Breas Z2 HME Filters are your compact and hassle-free alternative. Perfect for travel or battery-powered CPAPs, these filters bring the luxury of humidified sleep therapy wherever life takes you.

  2. Preservation of Comfort: Experience the magic of Z2 HME Filters as they capture and maintain the essential elements—heat and moisture—from your breath. Bid farewell to dry airways and welcome a consistent and comfortable level of humidity during your CPAP therapy.

  3. Simple Installation, Seamless Integration: No more complex installations. Z2 HME Filters seamlessly fit into your sleep therapy routine. They require no re-calibration on most CPAP machines. Just connect the HME between your mask and standard tubing, power up your machine, and relish the steady flow of humidified sleep therapy air.

  4. Weekly Replacement Routine: Keep it simple for optimal results. Replace the Z2 HME Filters weekly to ensure their continuous effectiveness and longevity. This straightforward maintenance routine makes it easy to maintain the superior performance of your CPAP therapy.

  5. Comfortable, Effective, and Convenient: The HME Filter creates a breathing system that is not only comfortable but highly effective. Enjoy the convenience of a humidified breathing system that complements your sleep therapy seamlessly.

How to Use and Replace:

  • Installation: Connect the large diameter end of the HME to your mask and the smaller diameter end to your CPAP tube. Ensure secure connections, and your HME is ready for use.

  • Replacement: Change the HME Filters as needed, typically about once a week. Store unused filters in a sealed plastic bag to preserve their effectiveness. With proper storage and nightly use, you'll experience consistent and reliable humidification.

Step into a new era of humidification with Breas Z2 HME Filters—compact, efficient, and designed for your comfort. Upgrade your sleep experience, leaving behind the constraints of traditional humidifiers. Embrace the freedom of enhanced CPAP therapy wherever you go.

Breas Z2 Heat Moisture Exchange
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