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SoClean 3 Cartridge Filter Kit

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Upgrade your SoClean 3 experience with the essential Cartridge Filter Kit—a straightforward yet crucial addition to ensure your SoClean 3 functions at its best.

Key Features:

  1. Hassle-Free Maintenance: Simplify the care of your SoClean 3. The Cartridge Filter Kit is crafted for easy replacement, guaranteeing your system's optimal performance with minimal effort. Recommended for replacement every six months, it's a straightforward solution to maintain your SoClean 3 in excellent condition.

  2. Automatic Reminder System: No need for calendar notes or reminders—the SoClean 3 has it covered. Your SoClean 3 system thoughtfully notifies you a month before your filter requires replacement. This intelligent feature keeps you prepared, allowing you to promptly acquire the Cartridge Filter Kit at

  3. Advanced Filtration Technology: The Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 3 systems is not your average filter. It plays a crucial role in converting the air within the system into regular oxygen as it exits the chamber. Opt for a genuine authorized kit to ensure the durability and efficiency of your SoClean 3.

  4. Smart Technology for Added Protection: Your SoClean 3 utilizes advanced technology to assess your filter's state and specifications. It won't operate if it detects an expired, counterfeit, or improperly installed filter—adding an extra layer of protection to your SoClean 3.

  5. Compatibility Assurance: Tailored for SoClean 3 systems with the "SC1400" in their serial number, the Cartridge Filter Kit ensures compatibility. Prioritize this kit to guarantee the correct fit for your SoClean system before making your purchase.

Effortless Replacement Process: Changing your filter is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Open the filter door on the back of your SoClean 3 and remove the old filter.
  • Insert the new filter from your Cartridge Filter Kit, ensuring the correct orientation.
  • Close the filter door and responsibly discard the used filter.

Yes, it's that simple! The Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 3 systems includes 1 Replacement Cartridge Filter, offering all you need for a seamless maintenance experience. Ensure the durability and efficiency of your SoClean 3—experience the Cartridge Filter Kit today.

SoClean 3 Cartridge Filter Kit
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