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React Luna G3 Auto-CPAP Machine

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Meet the Luna G3 Auto-CPAP Machine from React Health—an absolute game-changer in sleep therapy, designed with your ease and well-being in mind. This advanced device combines innovation, comfort, and convenience for a truly tailored and soothing sleep experience.

Revolutionary Auto-CPAP Therapy: Embark on a new era of sleep therapy with Luna G3. This device keeps a close eye on your breathing patterns throughout the night, automatically adjusting pressure levels to ensure the gentlest and most effective therapy. Custom comfort features, like the automatic pressure ramp and expiratory pressure relief, guarantee a uniquely comfortable and personalized sleep journey.

Built-In Heated Humidifier: Bid farewell to dry mouth and discomfort during sleep therapy. Luna G3's built-in Humidifier is a compact powerhouse, ready to deliver superior performance. The "pre-heat" feature ensures it's ready whenever you are, and the spacious water chamber can be easily filled while attached to the machine. Cleaning is a breeze with hassle-free removal for quick maintenance.

Integrated Heated Tubing: No more disruptions from rainout or water droplets in your CPAP tube. Luna G3's integrated heated tubing banishes these issues, adapting to changes in room temperature to guarantee an uninterrupted and restful night's sleep.

Exhalation Pressure Relief: Enhance your breathing experience with RESlex Exhalation Relief. Luna G3 intuitively adjusts pressure during exhalation, mimicking your natural breathing rhythms. Personalize the pressure relief level from 1 (least) to 3 (most), or turn it off completely for a sleep therapy journey tailored to your preferences.

Leak Detection: Stay comfortably informed throughout the night. Luna G3 is vigilant, detecting leaks and alerting you with a gentle sound and a "Leak!!" message on the LCD screen after 40 seconds. Quickly adjust your mask for an optimal and undisturbed therapy session.

Automatic Supply Reminders: Never miss a beat in your sleep therapy routine. Set reminders for changing your Mask, Tube, and Filter at intervals of 30, 60, 190, or 365 days. Luna G3 keeps you in the loop, ensuring your sleep therapy equipment is consistently in top-notch condition.

Usage Score & Summary: Evaluate your sleep therapy effectiveness effortlessly. Luna G3 provides a post-session Usage Score and Summary, offering insights into usage time, mask seal, and respiratory events. Understand and optimize your treatment with a comprehensive breakdown after each session.

Luna QR App for Therapy Compliance Tracking: Take charge of your therapy compliance with the user-friendly Luna QR app, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android. Scan the iCodeQR generated on your Luna G3, and instantly access a summary of your compliance data on the go. Track your progress and stay on top of your sleep therapy journey effortlessly.

Upgrade your sleep therapy journey with React Health's Luna G3 Auto-CPAP Machine—a harmonious blend of innovation, comfort, and convenience. Give it a try today and rediscover the path to nights of restful and rejuvenating sleep.

React Luna G3 Auto-CPAP Machine
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