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Breas Z1 and Z2 Power Supply

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Upgrade your CPAP experience with the Breas Z1 and Z2 Series Power Supply—an essential partner crafted exclusively for these exceptional CPAP machines. This power supply isn't just a simple component; it's the unparalleled energy source that guarantees optimal performance, and it's the only power supply recommended for your Z1 and Z2 devices.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored for Z1 and Z2 Series: The Breas Power Supply is meticulously designed to perfectly complement Z1 and Z2 series CPAP machines. It goes beyond being just a power source; it's the behind-the-scenes force ensuring your CPAP device operates seamlessly and reliably.

  2. Complete North American AC Power Cord: Experience convenience right out of the box with the included North American AC Power Cord. This considerate addition means you're all set to power up your Z1 or Z2 CPAP machine without any hassle, simplifying your setup process.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Global Compatibility: The Universal Power Supply acts as your global passport for CPAP therapy. With automatic voltage conversion in most locations worldwide, you can be confident that your Z1 or Z2 CPAP will deliver optimal performance, no matter where life takes you.

  • Plug Adapter for International Travel: Planning international travel? The Z1 and Z2 Universal Power Supply makes it easy. While automatic voltage conversion handles most scenarios, attaching a plug adapter to fit local wall plugs ensures smooth power connectivity during your international adventures.

Invest in the Breas Z1 and Z2 Series Power Supply—a powerhouse designed for precision, compatibility, and global versatility. Feel the confidence that comes with knowing your CPAP machine has the perfect energy companion, delivering uninterrupted therapy wherever your journey takes you. It's time to enhance your CPAP experience with the trusted Breas Power Supply.

Breas Z1 and Z2 Power Supply
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